In the February 25th IVDNews™ issue, data was provided on the number of acquisitions that had been announced since 2010. In this period there were 226 companies that had been acquired.

In the table below is a further breakout of the type of acquisition by year. Molecular was the dominant type of acquisition with 80 (35%) followed by POC with 39 (17%). The remaining acquisitions were a mixture of immunoassay based firms, distribution firms, and other categories of firms not using immunoassay methods (e.g., microbiology, chemistry, diabetes).


As the number of acquisitions has continued the number of firms that are available to be acquired has shrunk, especially those with at least $50M in sales. If the sales threshold is raised to $100M in sales but less than $500M the number of available firms is less than 20. Interestingly a number of CEO’s and CFO’s of the larger diagnostic firms have commented during recent conference calls, the price of diagnostic assets has risen. This could be directly related to the smaller number of mid sized firms that could be acquired.

Looking ahead one could speculate that the number of acquisitions in 2016 could drop significantly from recent years as the available field has shrunk.

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