IVDNews™ is a customized weekly newsletter containing only information that has been published. Subscriber can choose from over 40 Topics that are divided in different categories: product lines (e.g. cardiovascular, cancer), biomarker ( e.g. HPV, MRSA), markets ( e.g. POC, blood banking), technologies (e.g. NAT, immunoassay) and companies ( e.g. Molecular 120, Top 75).

IVDNews™ Data Analysis Reports
IVDNews™ tracks and monitors the global publications to identify abstracts, stories, patents, regulatory releases, journals, healthcare presentations and press releases associated with companies.

Through the use of IVDNews™ DARs (Data Analysis Reports) content in any of these fields can be analyzed

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IVDNews™ Management Tools

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The use of single biomarker Topics
Over the past 5 years a small but growing number of subscribers are selecting a single biomarker to monitor. This monitoring provides trends in shifts in methodologies, performance and laboratory factors associate with shifts in methodologies, market potential associated with the biomarker (i.e. estimated total labs offering such a biomarker independent of the methodology) and market segmentation data.
The principle biomarkers that are requested include:
– HPV ( covers genotyping, serology, DNA, RNA, flow cytometry and cellular analysis)
– C.difficile ( covers culture, serology, NAT)
– HbA1c ( enzymatic, HPLC, meter based, electrophoresis, serological)
– HLA ( cellular, serological, flow cytometry, molecular methods)
– HER2 ( ISH IHC, molecular methods)
– BRAF ( ISH, IHC, molecular methods)
IVDNews™ offers subscribers the Your Choice Topic whereby single topics or clinical based topics may be set-up. Clinical based Topics include single cancers (e.g. lung, prostate, colon) where all methods used to identify/monitor are included as well as disease states (e.g. septicemia, renal disease).
The degree of customization is unmatched in the diagnostic industry.
To request information on a customized/Your Choice Topic Contact us at: Email: editor@ivdnews.com for more information and enter your interests.

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Our industry knowledgeable staff compiles your customized newsletter from over 15,000 sources. IVDNews™ contains only information that has been published. Each IVDNews™ article is a summary from the source that was accessed such as the Internet, printed copy, or received from the publishing source (e.g. company press release).

MSTC – Multiple Send To Colleague
This option enables a subscriber to send multiple article(s) to other individual(s) and include commentary. Subscriber can send up to 3 articles at a time from the same issue when keeping the browser open.

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IVDNews™ Data Management Tools
STC – Send To Colleague
This option enables subscriber to send a single article(s) to one or more individual(s) and include commentary. Subscriber can send only one article at time from the same issue when keeping the browser open.

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Request Original Article
Subscribers can request for journal articles an electronic copy of the original article. Request Original can be set up to go to subscribers’ library resource department and/or IVDNews™. When request is sent to IVDNews™ the original article will be provided electronically within 1-3 working days. IVDNews™ will pay the copyright fees and these will be added to the renewal invoice.

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Search Function
The Search option allows the user to search previous IVDNews™ issues for those Topics selected in subscription. Search is conducted using key words or by source/congress and key words. Monitoring sequential congresses provides data to 1) identify new and/or competitive product, biomarker or technology and adoption by customer type and location; and 2) identify new competitors or potential partners. A list of congresses available to search is listed above.

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Personal Library
Personal Library is a powerful data management tool to set-up self defined files of articles in a separate data base. There is no limit to the number of files set-up and the files are accessible at anytime and as many times as needed by simply entering user name and password at a designated IVDNews website address. Subscriber can set up files by product, biomarker, company, technology, subject, etc. These files are invaluable for planning, report preparation and presentations. Personal Library option includes STC option and files can be searched. For each article selected subscriber can add commentary.

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Team Library
Subscriber (Team Leader) transfers articles from either the current issue or from their Personal Library including any comments. The Team leader assigns a name to the file (i.e. theme) and sets up the team members. Access to this theme is via a specific URL. Team members gain access to library and add comments via user name. Team Leader can have multiple themes with differing team membership.

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