Quarterly Reports

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Market Statistics – The Market stats are a quarterly report of publicly traded firms from the top 70+ companies in the IVD, POC and Diabetes segment worldwide that identify the sales for its in-vitro diagnostic products. In addition a summary report is provided to identify what were the reasons for any major changes in sales among participants.

Within the diagnostic industry over 90% of the total sales are created by publicly traded firms that identify its diagnostic sales. This report provides a guide to the general health of the industry and a measure of role diagnostics play in the healthcare. Combined with the financial and /or Molecular deals report the reader is provided an excellent tool for business development and marketing planning.

Financial Deals Report – This quarterly report details the various financial transactions within the clinical diagnostic industry that were announced in the quarter. The actual press release or regulatory filings are provided. The transactions included are:

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Debt Restructuring Instruments
  • Secondary or Additional Financings
  • Acquisitions or Mergers
  • Joint Ventures

Tracking these transactions reflect on strategic events undertaken by corporate management to implement a new direction or obtain necessary funds to continue operations.

Externally, the tracking of the type and the number of organizations providing the funds reflects the financial communities perception and belief in opportunities in the in-vitro diagnostic market as a whole but more importantly what segments are considered the most likely to yield results. As the number of venture funding increases the likelihood of technology shifts occur and at the same time the greater the number of failures increase for the funding organizations. While the funding organizations may lose money another organization may benefit by acquiring the assets and through additional investment reap the benefits as the sunk R&D costs had been previously underwritten by others.

The Financial Deal report is an excellent source document for determining valuations. In many cases the financial factors associated with the funding are described (e.g. milestones, patents, regulatory approvals) to support a total value. In addition, comparables are available to provide a market peg for a transaction.
Molecular Deals Report – This is a subset of the Financial Deals focusing on just clinical molecular products and organizations. In addition, the report includes the important licensing transactions announced.