Market Coverage: News of covering general trends in the diagnostic testing market is included with every  subscription. Coverage includes:

  • Coverage of large laboratories

  • Coverage of changes in government policy impacting major markets

  • Reimbursement policies and trends

  • Coverage of new clinical guidelines impacting diagnostics and clinical standards of care policies


Business Coverage

IVDNews offers coverage of three major categories of business news

Top 75 Diagnostic Companies - News developments for the largest 75 companies in the diagnostics market. Our information includes:

  • Company Press Releases

  • Quarterly and Annual Earnings Reports

  • Convenient Easy to Read Quarterly Earnings Call Summaries

  • Summary Market Stats each Quarter

  • Quarterly Tracking and Summary of Financial deals

  • Regulatory actions impacting customers including product recalls

Molecular 120  - News and developments for the top 120 companies in the rapidly growing molecular diagnostics segment

Asia Pacific News - Capture the latest diagnostic news from the rapidly growing Asia Pacific segment. Our news covers developments from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

Scientific Coverage

Medical Congresses - IVDNews covers 80+ worldwide medical congresses annually across multiple clinical disciplines including oncology, infectious disease, cardiology, haemostasis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and virology. Our diagnostics focused coverage of medical congresses helps you identify emerging tests, new biomarkers and new market segments at their earliest stage of development.

Peer Reviewed Journals - Our coverage of peer reviewed journals captures publications across the  40+ topics we track to keep you up to date on the most recent journal publications relevant to  the in vitro diagnostics market.

Patent Coverage - IVDNews for companies tracks and publishes patents for companies that account for greater than 95% of the total diagnostics market