IVDNews Captures The Latest Scientific Trends in Diagnostics

IVDNews Scientific Content selects articles and data with specific diagnostic applications that:

  • Describes the clinical lab use and/or performance of the test(s)

  • Provide the clinical rationale for use of the test(s)

  • Provide the medical performance of the test(s), including guidelines for diagnosing, monitoring and/or treating specific diseases and conditions

Medical Congress Coverage:

Our coverage of 80+ medical congresses provides our subscribers with breaking news from diagnostic firms presented at congresses as well as research results from the most influential medical congresses worldwide.


Summaries of Press Conferences, booth tours from top exhibitors, and new product showcases from key congresses worldwide provide IVDNews subscribers with insight from the comfort of their office.

Research presented at Congresses provides our readers with the most current and forward looking diagnostic innovations

  • Identifies developing biomarkers prior to commercial adoption

  • Provides early market leadership opportunities for new biomarkers

  • Identifies potential thought leaders and early adopters

    • Provide segmented prospective sales leads

      • Can be segmented by country, account etc.​

  • Identify candidate clinical trial sites

  • Identify candidate technology partnerships

  • Competitive research and partners

Journal Publication Coverage:

IVDNews covers diagnostics focused articles from worldwide medical journals to keep you up to date on articles potentially impacting your markets, products, and competitors.

  • Identify articles that may impact your products or those of your competitors at the time of publication