John Quigley
CEO and Principal

John Quigley is the CEO and principal of JTM Associates. John has been actively involved in the in vitro diagnostics industry for the past 35 years since 1983. John has worked in a variety of senior marketing, sales and business development roles within the diagnostics industry for companies such as Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche Clinical Diagnostics), Chiron Diagnostics, Bayer Diagnostics and Matritech, Inc, a cancer proteomics company subsequently acquired by Alere, Inc. John has held positions that include Vice President of Global Marketing at both Chiron and Bayer and Director of U.S. Marketing at Boehringer Mannheim. Included among John’s background is 12 years of experience in the market for U.S. diabetes diagnostic products. John possesses a B.A in BioChemistry from Rutgers University.

Nancy Vizoso Quigley
Publisher and Principal

Nancy Vizoso Quigley is the owner and publisher of IVDNews. 

Noel McAleese
Executive Editor & Director of Operations

Noel McAleese began his career with IVDNews in 2000 starting as the office manager, learning every aspect of the firm's inner workings and becoming Director of Operations and Executive Editor. Since then, he's gained almost 20 years of experience within the diagnostics space working closely with firms across all areas of diagnostics and developing extensive knowledge of the industry in the process.  Prior to that, Noel worked in various aspects of the medical and media industries. He has a degree in business management. Outside of work he enjoys woodturning/woodworking, fishing, volleyball and pickleball.

Tim Quigley
Director of Business Development & Congress Correspondant

Tim is the Director of Business Development and primary Congress Correspondant of IVDNews.

Tim has worked in the diagnostics market since 2017 and has entrepreneurial experience in business development, sales, and marketing. Tim holds a BA from The College of William & Mary. In his free time Tim enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and skydiving.